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What does your dream venue say about you?

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Which of these best describes your wedding vision?

A) A celebration of love and hometown heritage that incorporates the local traditions that shaped us

B) A grand affair in a luxurious setting with top-notch details

C) A vibrant and colorful event, rich with cultural significance

D) An elegant and meaningful ceremony that includes the traditions I grew up practicing and modern touches that feel like me

E) An adventurous and scenic wedding that feels like a vacation

F) A deeply personal and romantic experience, focusing on our connection

What’s your go-to wedding color palette?

A) Earthy tones and rustic accents

B) Neutral colors with metallic accents

C) Bright and bold colors

D) Rich jewel tones and elegant details

E) Soft pastels and natural elements

F) Warm and inviting colors

Which of these best describes your ideal wedding photography style?

A) Playful and candid, capturing natural moments and emotions

B) Sophisticated and glamorous, with a focus on elegance and style

C) Traditional and formal, capturing cultural traditions and ceremonies

D) Romantic and timeless, emphasizing the importance of family and love

E) Adventurous and scenic, showcasing the beauty of the location

F) Intimate and personal, focusing on our connection and emotions

What’s your favorite type of cuisine?

A) Southern comfort food or BBQ

B) Fine dining or gourmet cuisine

C) Spicy, bold flavors

D) Something I’ve never tried before from somewhere I’ve never been—I’m always down to try something new

E) Farm-to-table, organic, or vegan

What’s a non-negotiable at your wedding?

A) Family traditions, school spirit, or a touch of Texan charm

B) Amenities, amenities, amenities! Gourmet caterers, gorgeous flower arrangements, or inspiring views

C) Enough space for our 500+ attendees and cultural ceremonies (i.e. Mehndi ceremonies, Baraat processions, or Sangeet performances!)

D) The Ketubah signing, Chuppah ceremony, and breaking of the glass (plus enough space for a proper party)

E) Adventure and novelty—breathtaking vistas, new experiences, and fun activities my family will remember

F) Time and space for my partner and I to connect. We want to soak up every moment

Which sounds like your ideal weekend?

A) A pregame with friends before supporting our favorite team during a big game

B) Trying a new fine dining restaurant or giving back

C) Hosting a gathering at home or attending a cultural event

D) Shopping for the latest styles or learning something new

E) Adventuring in nature or trying a new fitness class

F) Relaxing at home with my partner or going on a romantic getaway

What’s your ideal wedding guest count?

A) We’ve got deep roots: we’ll need chairs for friends, fam, and cousins (which let’s be real, could apply to anyone around here). We’re thinking 150+

B) We’ve been around the block and cultivated a wide circle over the years. Probably 100+

C) Our guest list looks like an ancient scroll. We’ll need space big enough for 500+

D) We want to celebrate in style with family, friends, and our community. Probably 200+

E) A small group of our nearest and dearest who are willing to travel for love

F) “Wedding for two, please!” It’s all about my partner and I and maaaaaybe a couple of our biggest supporters

Which landscape speaks to your soul?

A) Rolling hills and open fields

B) City skyline with sparkling lights

C) A vibrant venue filled with cultural traditions and performances

D) Elegant architecture and serene lakes

E) Majestic mountains or breathtaking beaches

F) Peaceful forests and natural beauty