Everything have been on stand-by for almost three months because of COVID-19 pandemic lock-down, and Krista, Sam and I have been moving their engagement photo session three of four times, and finally we got to schedule it on last Friday of May. They decided to have it at Arlington Hall at Turtle Creek Park to have that elegant southern mansion look for their engagement. And I LOVE this place! So now...

Arlington Hall at Turtle Creek Park is in my official favorite photo location list for engagement sessions in Dallas area!

Boy, we were lucky with that day! The weather was wonderful, Krista and Sam were gorgeous and smiled the entire session and, most importantly, that very evening the riots has started. So we've finished shooting at the sunset and when I got back home, the news started to report crazy things were happening almost where we were!

Suffice to say, all the other sessions that I have scheduled later in Dallas had to be moved farther away from the danger zone that Dallas has become for a few days. So that's the last session that I've shot in the vicinity of Dallas downtown, so now we'd have to wait until the shops are taking off the window boarding and washes graffitiies of the walls before it'll be suitable for engagement session (at least that elegant mansion style).

And guys, this was one of those session when I had such a hard time of chooseing the best images, because almost every single one of them was super cute, so I had to force myself to cut it some of them out so now it's easier to share this beauty with you on my blog!